'It really tastes like chicken' - Kiwi woman making meat without an animal in sight

Auckland businesswoman Shama Sukul-Lee had it all - a great career, a loving husband, fur and feather babies, but then another relationship began to spoil. 

An "existential crisis" with meat prompted Ms Sukul-Lee to "redefine" what the product meant to people.

Shama Sukul-Lee's idea could help slow global warming and do wonders for animal welfare. Source: Seven Sharp

So, she decided to create meat-free meat.

"The trade definition of meat comes from animal protein, and we said 'what if we could make meat directly from plants?'" Ms Sukul-Lee told Seven Sharp. 

The process of how it's made is strictly under wraps, but the ingredients are no secret.

"Mostly water, pea protein, vegetable powder, plant starch, maise starch and a little bit of natural yeast extract."

It's not a completely new idea, but her competitors - all overseas - are focused on red meat.

Instead, Ms Sakul-Lee says she's focusing on the most consumed meat in the western world - chicken.

Reporter Caroline Robinson couldn't tell the difference, so took it to the streets. 

"Plants! Not meat at all, whoa, can't believe that," said one person, while another said: "It really tastes like chicken."

The product, Sunfed Meats, will hit shop shelves in a few weeks and plant-based beef, pork and fish will follow.