'Really shaking' - Hamilton teen tells of terrifying toxic shock syndrome scare linked to tampons

The Hamilton teenager who suffered from toxic shock syndrome, linked to her use of tampons, has shared her horrific experience with 1 NEWS.

Chloe Jordan, 17, is back home from hospital after the illness linked to tampons left her with acute kidney failure.

Ms Jordan told 1 NEWS she is relieved to be home after suffering through the most frightening week of her life.

"I was really shaking, it was intense I had all these people around me," she said.

Chloe Jordan's been in intensive care after the condition left her with acute kidney failure. Source: 1 NEWS

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors weren't sure what was wrong with the 17-year-old.

"First they thought it was strep throat or some kind of infection and it wasn't until another doctor came along and asked if I had just been on my period, then suggested it could be from my tampons."

Chloe had been using tampons from the brand Kotex, the same as that of another teen who's in hospital in the South Island with the same condition.

There is no conclusive evidence this product is at fault, but the Jordan family says Kotex has apologised.

The company has also collected most of the remaining tampons bought by Chloe in order to carry out testing and has committed to reviewing the matter.

The teenager hopes all tampon brand review their products to make sure they're safe to use.

"I think girls really need to be aware of it as well, because I think it's something that's more common than what we think," Chloe warned.

Chloe Jordan is back home after a week in hospital, suffering acute kidney failure which has been linked to tampons. Source: 1 NEWS