'It was really scary' - Hamilton teen left in ICU after suspected tampon induced toxic shock syndrome

A Hamilton teenager is in Waikato Hospital's ICU with toxic shock syndrome believed to have been caused by a tampon.

Chloe Jordan was admitted to hospital after she became ill over the weekend.

"Her symptoms were vomiting, diarrhea; she had acute kidney failure," her mum Jessica Jordan told 1 NEWS.

Taken to an after hours clinic by her mum the 17-year-old high school student was rushed to hospital where doctors ran multiple tests and admitted her to ICU.

"It was really scary," Chloe's mother said.

"They thought she might have meningitis or scarlet fever and then they realised quickly that she had toxic shock syndrome."

Toxic shock syndrome is an infection which is caused by toxins released by bacteria Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes.

Ms Jordan says doctors believe after many tests the infection was caused by tampons which her daughter was using while on her period.

"It happens really fast," says Ms Jordan.

"Once it's inside you it's been absorbed into your bloodstream. They're really dangerous."

Ms Jordan posted about her daughter's illness on her Facebook page yesterday, warning other women about reading the danger label on sanitary products and avoiding certain brands.

"It's clearly on the packaging as well and you still don't really think about it happening to you."

U by Kotex, the brand of tampon used by Chloe, told 1NEWS they hadn't heard about the incident or any in New Zealand but would look into it.

The tampon box produced by U by Kotex does have a warning about the risks of using toxic shock syndrome on its packaging.

Ms Jordan says her and Chloe are looking at using alternative sanitary products.

"I'm never using tampons again."

Chloe is still in ICU but is expected to be moved to a ward soon to continue her recovery.

Chloe Jordan was admitted to hospital after she became violently ill while on her period. Source: 1 NEWS