'It was really good!' Transport Minister interrupted during media conference to wipe pie from his face




Transport Minister Simon Bridges was interrupted and asked to wipe pie crumbs off his face during a media conference today while talking about challenges travellers face in the midst of Cyclone Cook. 

A member of the press gallery was kind enough to point out that some of Mr Bridges' lunch was left on his face.
Source: 1 NEWS

Fronting media in Parliament, Mr Bridges started by saying he is "really concerned" about the looming weather. 

He was interrupted by a member of the press gallery who told him he had a piece of pastry on his lip. 

In response, he wiped his mouth clean and said, "sorry, I just had a pie" and admitted, "it was really good."

He then asked the media "has it gone?" before he continued to talk. 

On a more serious note, the Minister said there are concerns about roading, particularly in the eastern Bay of Plenty, where experts have told him that more flooding on top of the existing sodden land in the region may have serious erosion effects. 

"That water has a real effect over time and the experts tell me that effectively they are some cases at saturation or near saturation point.

"So this further very significant drench does have an effect on the stability, does mean the pot-holing and so on does become much more of an issue."

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