Real estate agent in hot water after entering Northland rental property without tenants' consent - making kids' beds

A Whangārei real estate agent has unlawfully entered a rental property without the tenant's consent, making their children's beds while there, and landing the property owner with a fine.

Estate agent, Zoltan Waxman, was judged by the Tenancy Tribunal to have failed to get consent to enter the property in Kamo, Whangārei, with a photographer, as he was in the process of preparing the house for sale.

His actions have left owner, Susan Agnew, with a fine of $365 that must be paid to tenants Tylah Reihana and Dillon Wihongi, Stuff reports.

Agnew had told her tenants in January she planned to sell the property, and estate agent Waxman contacted them the same day to ask if he could take photos of the house.

Tennant Reihana replied to Waxman that she wanted more time to tidy up, suggesting Thursday or Friday of the following week.

Waxman then texted on Monday to instead ask if he and the photographer could come thorough earlier, on the Wednesday.

However, Reihana never received the text, and when she returned from work on the Wednesday she found her children's beds made and Waxman's business card on the kitchen bench.

Waxman told the Tenancy Tribunal, to whom the incident was reported, he assumed because there had been no reply to his text, Reihana did not object to the visit with a photographer on Wednesday.

However, Tenancy Tribunal adjudicator N Blake did not agree, and judged because Reihana did not receive the text and did not consent, Waxman's entry with the photographer was unlawful.

The Residential Tenancies Act allows landlords to enter their premises to show it to prospective buyers, including for photography for the sale - but all provided consent from the tenant had been given.

Entry without this consent is unlawful, and damages up to $1000 can be awarded.  

Source: Breakfast

Three teens charged over vicious central Auckland assault in May

Three teenagers have been arrested and charged over an alleged assault on two men on May 5 on Auckland's Queen Street.

CCTV footage was earlier released of the attack, where the two men were left unconscious on the ground.

Three 17-year-old males have been charged with two counts of intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and one of the males also faces a charge of assault with a weapon.

Two of the teens have since appeared in Auckland District Court where they were remanded on bail until their next court appearance on 13 June 2018.

The third male will be appearing in the Youth Court.

In a statement police thank the public and Police Ten 7 for assistance in identifying the teens.

Police are now looking for the people involved, who set upon two people on May 6 outside the Mecca Maxima store. Source: Police 10/7


Watch: Christchurch's first circa-1979 arcade bar opens bringing pinball to the city

Christchurch has today opened its very first arcade bar - a place for you to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat while playing classic games like it's 1979.

Pintech director Iain Jamieson said inspiration for the bar came from his own glory days playing the games.

Arcadia, located on Barbados Street, will open on Thursday. Source: Fairfax

"It started when I was a wee kid I really loved playing pinball machines, video games at the local arcades and stuff like that and I had some amazing memories of trying to clock up these high scores on these games," Jamieson said.

"As time went on those games and the arcades disappeared and there was this big absence."

Arcadia boasts 15 vintage pinball machines and around a dozen old video game cabinets, owner Matthew Glanville told Stuff.

"It always feels like a party when you get lots of machines with all the lights and noises going," he said.

Mr Glanville opened the bar to offer Christchurch "something a bit more diverse".

The machines will operate with specially-made tokens which can be purchased or come free with certain beer or burger purchases.

"We have got this emerging, vibrant and exciting subculture that is starting to pop up in the rebuild of the city.

"I was always worried and wondering if, among the precincts and anchor projects, there would be a real place for emerging, alternative cultures to pop through, but it is happening."

Arcadia is located on Barbados Street.

Jordan Oppert spoke with Pintech director Iain Jamieson on Breakfast. Source: Breakfast