Raw: Watch as raging torrents of water rush over sodden Golden Bay paddocks during Cyclone Gita

A Golden Bay farmer captured startling vision of raging water as Cyclone Gita lashed the top of the South Island yesterday.

Billy Haldane posted the footage of a swollen river flowing over land at Bainham.

He told Reuters that the cattle had previously been moved to safety.

Golden Bay is currently cut-off, with numerous slips blocking the road over Takaka Hill.

Clean up crews are working to clear up the debris. Source: 1 NEWS

People watching the waves got more than they bargained for and the city's famous Len Lye Wind Wand leaned dramatically in the gale. Source: 1 NEWS

More vision from Cyclone Gita 

Billy Haldane captured this startling footage on his farm in Bainham. Source: Reuters/ Billy Haldane