Raw video: Shocking footage captures moment driver pulls out in front of milk tanker in Waikato, gets front of car smashed in




A driver's dashboard camera has captured the moment another driver pulled out in front of a milk tanker in what could have been a devastating crash.

Eric Lin was driving on the Thermal Explorer Highway on his way to Rotorua from Auckland on Saturday when he witnessed a crash involving a Fonterra tanker and car.

His footage appears to show a driver pulling out of an intersection in front of the milk tanker, getting the front of their car smashed in, and causing the tanker to cross the centre line, narrowly avoiding Mr Lin's car.

"I don't think I would have survived this if I was a few metres ahead," Mr Lin wrote on a Facebook post accompanying the video.

After witnessing the crash Mr Lin can be seen pulling over onto the grass before getting out of his car to check if the people in the other car were okay.

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