Raw video: Huge queues and flight delays for passengers at Auckland Airport after security machine glitch




Flights have been delayed at Auckland Airport after an interruption in the power source led to around 1000 passengers needing to be re-screened by security.

Originally 53 passengers were said to be affected by the outage, but footage sent to 1 NEWS by a traveller at the airport shows long queues forming.

"No flights departing Auckland international, security re-screening all passengers, queued up for half hour so far and we haven't moved," Dean Mitchell wrote in to tell 1 NEWS.

Aviation Security spokesman Mark Richards said that around 1000 people had to go back through the metal detector checks because the 53 people who went through undetected had "polluted" the "sterile" area.

"It’s very, very busy and the staff are frantic but very cool headed, thankfully," said Mr Richards.

The system is up and running again, but passengers are being warned to expect some delays in processing.  

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