Raw video: Camera catches car swerving dangerously into wrong lane on hilly Dunedin road

A Dunedin motorist has captured video of a car dangerously crossing the centre line on State Highway 1, almost hitting numerous other oncoming cars.

Richard Mountain posted the footage online, showing a white car crossing yellow lines far into the oncoming lane.

The video shows the car narrowly avoiding head-on collisions with a number of other vehicles.

"Someone is going to get seriously injured or killed with driving like this," Mr Mountain wrote.

Newshub reports that police have been informed of the video.


Details of new Māori Crown agency released

The details of the Māori Crown portfolio have been released, after a tumultuous fortnight saw the announcement delayed amid disagreements within the coalition Government. 

Crown/Māori Relations Minister Kelvin Davis said today an agency would be created to look over the Government's work with Māori.

"Called the Office for Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti (The Bridge), [it] will help facilitate the next step in the Treaty relationship," Mr Davis said. 

It will finish Treaty Settlements and Marine and Coastal Area applications, ensure the Crown meets Treaty obligations, develop an engagement model for the Government, and provide leadership on contemporary Treaty issues. 

Last week, 1 NEWS understood disagreements within the coalition forced Labour to abandon announcing detail of its Crown-Māori Relations portfolio.

The influence of Winston Peters is also believed to be putting the Prime Minister under pressure from rival MPs. Source: 1 NEWS

The Cabinet meeting was a chance for the Government to lay out the detail of its new Crown-Māori portfolio, but in an unusual twist the information didn't follow.

When asked by 1 NEWS if New Zealand First vetoed the establishment of an agency for the Crown-Maori portfolio in the Ministry of Justice, Winston Peters replied: "Well look I can't answer that question 'cause I don't have any recall of that."

Is there trouble in coalition paradise? The Inside Parliament reporters discuss the developments. Source: 1 NEWS

Wellington, New Zealand - March 10, 2017: Beehive Administrative Government building towers over green vegetation screen. White Maori obelisks and symbols up front. People in photo. Blue sky.
Māori statues outside the Beehive. Source: istock.com

Watch: Jacinda Ardern, Simon Bridges trade barbs over 'Labour led Government' terminology - 'We're in government and you're not'

Jacinda Ardern and Simon Bridges traded barbs over the terminology "Labour led Government" in a spirited exchange during Question Time in the House today.

The issue was raised by Mr Bridges after Winston Peters had recently taken exception to the Opposition using the term "Labour led Government" in the House.

Yesterday, a reporter also pointed out Labour's official website used to have the phrase "to get the latest from the Labour led Government click here" on it's homepage, which has now been changed to read "to get the latest from the Coalition Government, click here."

"Does she agree with her deputy prime minister's insistence that his Government was not Labour led?" Mr Bridges asked the Prime Minister today.

Ms Ardern sought to discredit the question as irrelevant in her answer.

"While that member's caught up on semantics this Government is proud that a recent survey said that the people of New Zealand have greater confidence in us then they did that last government.

"I don't think they particularly care about descriptors and what was on a website. We have the support of New Zealand and that's why we're here and you're over there," Ms Ardern said.

Speaker Trevor Mallard then had to ask for order in the House before Mr Bridges was able to press on.

"Speaking of semantics why are there over 50 references by her ministers in this Parliament to being a Labour led Government?"

Ms Ardern's answer was a brief one.

"Because we're in Government and you're not."

Ms Ardern eventually finished the debate simply by saying "because we're in Government and you're not". Source: Parliament TV


SPCA probes suspected poisoning of 'much-loved' Titirangi chickens

The SPCA is investigating whether chickens have been poisoned in Titirangi.

The roaming chickens are a familiar sight in Titirangi, where locals recently reported finding them in a state of distress.

SPCA chief executive Andrea Midgen told Morning Report they were told by locals it might be a pest-management initiative, but if that was true, it was a "cruel and horrible" method.

Seven wild chickens, all of which had similar symptoms, were taken in by SPCA after locals reported the incidents to the organisation.

One had to be put down and the other six were doing "reasonably well".

Toxicology tests will be carried out on the chicken that was euthanised to determine the cause of the symptoms of disorientation, stumbling, falling and being dazed.

"There's ways and means of dealing with problems if they are a problem, and that's to do a humane solution - to either move them on somewhere, find someone who does want to have them as a permanent thing.

"If they are sick or injured we would, of course, humanely euthanise them if that was the right action for that chicken," she said.

Residents were hopeful the six chickens they took in would survive.

"The chickens are much-loved... in that neighbourhood and the residents of Titirangi are happy to see them.

"They are actually very social beings and make you smile," she said.


Chicken (file picture). Source: rnz.co.nz

Eight cattle die after 1080 drop in Waikato as DOC work to increase numbers of endangered kokāko

Eight cattle have died in the Waikato following a 1080 drop there.

1 NEWS has been provided with video from a concerned local showing a dead cow lying in the 1080 drop zone.

The Department of Conservation said it appears the cattle escaped their paddock through a broken fence line, wandering into the Mapara Wildlife Reserve where the poison was dropped.

"We have been working closely with the landowner concerned to confirm exactly what happened, and also to support them as any good neighbour would under these circumstances with the burial of the animals and feed for the others," DOC Operations Director David Speirs said.

Officials emphasised that the area is "one of their most important strongholds for kōkako (an endangered native bird) on mainland New Zealand" due to 30 years of pest control in the area, including the controversial 1080 programme.

The latest drop, focusing on the eradication of rates, possums and stoats, took place 6 September.

The cattle had been spotted in the drop zone during a pre-flight two weeks earlier, and the farmer who owned the animals was advised, officials said.

"No stock should ever be allowed within the pest control operational area," DOC said in a statement.

Department of Conservation staff say in the past month they've had their car tyres slashed and wheel nuts loosened. Source: 1 NEWS

The animal deaths come at an especially sensitive time for the Department of Conservation, as anti-1080 activists step up protests.

The government agency has suggested many of the protestors have been influenced by fake news and misrepresented photos on social media.

With the increased publicity has come a torrent of online threats an abuse of workers, DOC threatened species ambassador Nicola Toki told RNZ yesterday.

The Department of Conservation says eight cows that died in the Waikato wandered off their paddock and into the drop zone.