Raw video: Auckland commuters watch in horror as students brawl and kick train at station

Shocking footage has been received by 1 NEWS of a massive brawl erupting between two groups of youths at Auckland's Glen Innes train station this afternoon.

This shocking incident took place at Glen Innes station and left onlookers shaken. Source: Supplied

The footage taken by a commuter on-board the train captures the moment a group of youths rush onto a stationery train to attack another group of youths inside.

The two groups can be heard yelling insults at each other before some of them rush onto the train with fists flying, forcing innocent bystanders to scramble for safety.

After a brief but intense scuffle the group from the platform retreat off the train where both groups continue to jeer and antagonise each other in an intimidating fashion, with some youths kicking and punching the train from the platform.

Many of the youth's involved in the incident were wearing school uniforms.

The women who sent the footage to 1 NEWS said the incident was very scary for everyone on board the train, and that she will never use public transport in that area again.

At least two passengers can be heard telling the students to calm down. 

A spokesman for Auckland Transport says they have been able to find CCTV footage of the fight which they are making available to the police.

However, police said upon reviewing the footage, there appeared to be some disorder, but that there was nothing of any note.