Raw: Horror video shows man being hit as car speeds off at Auckland petrol station

A car has driven into a group of people, knocking one to the ground, before speeding off through an Auckland petrol station.

A video posted on social media shows the car hitting the man, who stood up and chased the car after it sped off, hitting a car that was stopped at the pumps.

Wheels can be heard screeching and scraping, and there are screams as the car drives away from the petrol station.

A car which appears to be the same one can then be seen stopped, stuck on the kerb, with a driver with blood on his face after the crash.

A worker at the petrol station on Great South Road in Manurewa confirmed the crash happened there last night.

In a statement police say, "Following the altercation between the two parties, the man got into his vehicle and the vehicle hit a person, before crashing".

They say a man was taken into custody.

Anyone who may have witnessed what happened prior to the incident, or anyone with footage of the entire incident, is urged to contact Counties Manukau Station on (09) 261 1300.


Footage shows the driver hitting one person and at least one car. Source: Brocam