Raw: Arrested man leaps into driver's seat of Hamilton cop car and speeds away




A search is currently underway for a man who drove off with a cop car after being arrested in Hamilton yesterday. 

Video taken by a witness, who was sitting in a car on the other side of the road, begins as the police car is driven away at speed from the scene.

Police say the man was stopped at 12.50pm yesterday on Clarkin Road, where he was arrested and put in the back seat of the patrol car.

While police were outside the car, he managed to climb through to the driver's seat and drive off, police say.

Footage posted on Facebook by a witness shows the moment the incident occurred, with the officer getting into what appears to be a civilian's car and driving after the man. 

The police car was found a short time later, but the man is yet to be found, although police say they do know his identity and are working to find him. 

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