'Rape in NZ is a men's issue': Outrage over pro-rape activist helping put issue in spotlight

An anti-rape campaigner has pointed the finger squarely at Kiwi men, while discussing the issue of sexual violence today.

There are calls for Daryush 'Roosh' Valizadeh to be banned from entering New Zealand. Source: Breakfast

Responding to questions about controversial pro-rape activist Daryush Valizadeh on TVNZ’s Breakfast, Rape Support campaigner Russell Smith said Valizadeh had helped create discussion on the subject.

"Wouldn't it be great if this Waitangi Day, the amount of emphasis protestors put into TPPA, they put onto sexual violence," Mr Smith said.

He said New Zealand men were responsible for the vast majority of sexual violence on women and children, describing the recent focus on Valizadeh as an opportunity for men to stand up and break the silence.

Valizadeh, an American blogger whose ideas are firmly based around neo-masculinity, believes rape should be legalised, and has been in the headlines over a planned trip to Australia.

He's also supported upcoming meetings in New Zealand.

Mr Smith said banning Valizadeh from New Zealand was a "no brainer".

"We stopped Chris (Brown), we stopped Mike Tyson, and this should be no different."

Three underground meet ups have been planned for New Zealand, the first being in Auckland’s Aotea Square this Saturday evening where Valizdeh has asked his followers to meet and through code phrases, move onto a safer location.

However, he told ONE News this morning he had no plans to come to New Zealand.