Rally for abortion rights hits Parliament - 'our bodies, our choice'

Hundreds marched to Parliament today calling for an upheaval of New Zealand's abortion law. 

Protesters held signs saying, 'Sex is not a sin, pregnancy should not be punishment', 'All I want for Christmas is reproductive rights', 'Mind your own uterus' and 'Health care should be evidence-based, not religion-based'.

Abortion currently sits in the Crimes Act, with the Law Commission releasing a briefing paper in October on how it would sit as a health issue.

The rally began at Frank Kitts Park and made its way to Parliament shouting, with participants shouting "our bodies, our choice".

Green MP Jan Logie spoke at the rally, saying "40 years on, it's time", in reference to when the current law was created. 

"It is time to recognise that women and pregnant people have a right to make choices that are the best for them and their families."

Kate McIntyre of Organise Aotearoa called New Zealand's current abortion law "embarrassing". 

"The law has been stuck in a state of unacceptable compromise since 1977, and has caused significant stress and grief for those seeking abortions. We’re asking for a choice-based model that trusts us to make informed decisions about our own health, our own bodies, and how we plan our own families."

The march was organised by Organise Aotearoa, ALRANZ, the Victoria University Feminist Organisation and the Feminist Law Society.

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    The protesters said the state of New Zealand’s abortion law was “embarrassing”. Source: 1 NEWS

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