Rainbow Warrior bomber's apology echoes around the world

The apology by the Rainbow Warrior which was aired exclusively on TVNZ's Sunday programme has been reported widely by international media.

30 years after the bombing and sinking of the Rainbow Warrior we track down the French Secret Service agent who actually attached the explosive bombs Source: Sunday

Last night's programme aired French Secret Agent Jean Luc Kister's apology for placing the two bombs on the Greenpeace vessel moored in downtown Auckland that killed Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira in 1985.

News websites around the world are reporting on the apology including French sites France 24 and Le Monde, British sites the BBC and The Guardian and Australian sites the Sydney Morning Herald and Nine News.

Source: Sunday

"Now that emotions have calmed, and also with the hindsight I have regarding my professional life, I thought that this was a chance for me to express both my deepest regrets and my apologies," Colonel Kister told Sunday.

He specifically apologised to Mr Pereira's family describing it as an "accident".

The bombing was aimed at preventing the Rainbow Warrior from protesting against nuclear testing at Mururoa atoll in French Polynesia.

Colonel Kister says he was surprised when he learned of the mission code-named Operation Satanic by the DGSE, France's secret service.

The French secret agent who admitted to planting the Rainbow Warrior bomb will not face extradition to New Zealand. Source: 1 NEWS

"For us it was just like using boxing gloves in order to crush a mosquito," he said," it was a disproportionate operation, but we had to obey the order, we were soldiers."