Racing Minister Winston Peters gifts Japan with 'sacred' white horse

Racing Minister Winston Peters has given Japan a 'sacred' gift - a white horse.

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The Foreign Minister and Racing Minister came up with an inspired choice in buying a gift representing the friendship between New Zealand and Japan. Source: Seven Sharp

Its name is Komaru, one of five white horses New Zealand has given to Japan over the course of 40 years.

It is said that in Japan, white horses are sacred and giving Komaru was a means to deepen the relationship between Japan and New Zealand.

The majestic mammal will spend the rest of his days at Nikko Toshogu shrine, and will be cared for by Chief Priest Hisao Inaba.

Komaru is treated with luxury with his own paddock for exercising and protection from flies and mosquitos.

The support of the Asia New Zealand Foundation allowed Seven Sharp to travel to Japan for this story.