Racing family offers reward for 'sentimental' speedway motorbikes stolen in Auckland

A family has today announced it will offer a reward of $2000 per bike for the safe return of their two speedway motorcycles stolen from a West Auckland address at the weekend.

Source: Supplied

The family were staying in Massey ahead of a race that Michael Patey, 27, had travelled up from Hawke’s Bay to compete in.

Mr Patey said they are now offering the reward because there had been no further updates on the case and it’s putting stress on the family.

“I’m having to take time off away from work to do a lot of chasing up. My mind isn’t fit to be at work,” said Mr Patey.

Security camera footage from the front neighbour’s house showed a car pulling up outside the Massey property at 12.24am.

Two people got out while the driver of the car reversed down the driveway. The thieves pulled the trailer holding the bikes onto the car which then drove away.

The entire theft took only 10 minutes.

Mr Patey said the family had tried to retrieve CCTV footage from the Royal Road motorway onramp for another view of the thieves, but they had no luck.

“Land Transport are stating the cameras don’t record, they are only live."

He said he would go to local police in Hastings today, but if there was no further update he would drive to Auckland tonight.

“I hope for some progress but I have to do it on my own accord," he said. 

“There will be no further charges pressed, we just want the bikes back."

The two bikes are worth around $30,000. One of the bikes holds great sentimental value to the family as it has an engine from a bike used by Kiwi motorcycle legend Ivan Mauger.

Mr Patey is meant to be racing in the New Zealand Solo Grand Prix in December and said he wants the bikes back in time for the competition.