Quirky shop makes Kiwis the talk of London's craft beer scene

New Zealand craft beer is going down a treat in London where a couple of Kiwi entrepreneurs are the talk of the city's craft beer scene. 

The locals are getting a taste of some of New Zealand's hoppiest drops. Source: Seven Sharp

Glenn Williams and Jen Ferguson have come up with a crazy way of promoting their shop, Seven Sharp reported.

The shop in a corner of East London is called Hop, Burns and Black.

They sell beer, chilli sauce, vinyl records, and turn on karaoke nights.

They opened 19 months ago and included a selection of craft beer from home.

Mr Williams said the Brits are "enormously" prepared to try our beer.

"They're so sought after in fact. I think the quality and consistency of New Zealand Beer is probably a good five or so years ahead of what's going on here," he said. 

The pair's skills and passion have won many awards in influential papers and online. 

"Financial Times did a story on us on the best places to drink in London. The Guardian said we are one of the top craft beer places in London," Ms Ferguson said. 

And more shops are on the cards.  

"We want to look at how far we can take this while not giving up what makes it so great which is it's a really fun environment to work in," she said.

Craft beer makers love the two entrepreneurs for what they're doing.

"They're mentioned everywhere. They know how to promote themselves and to promote Kiwi beer," Yeastie Boys' Stu McKinlay who has moved to London because of the huge city's beer marketing opportunities.