Quickfire: Dental fees, beneficiaries given My Food Bag and odd requests

Quickfire: Inside Parliament puts politicians from different sides of the House together, asking for their views around the biggest current news stories.

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MPs give their thoughts on news stories from the week. Source: 1 NEWS

This week, 1 NEWS' Anna Whyte put the questions to National Party’s Dan Bidois and Labour’s Marja Lubeck.

The MPs were asked:

- Beneficiaries in Auckland are now being delivered My Food Bag as part of a new Government trial instead of being given emergency food grants. Do you think it’s a good idea? 

- Consumer New Zealand says there are big problems with the health star rating. Does there need to be better labelling for consumers who want healthy food?

- Fourth-year dentistry students from Otago University have been providing everything from root canals to fillings for free every Sunday over the past six weeks to help people with low incomes. Does NZ need to change the way it provides dental so people can afford it? 

- Drivers working for NZ Bus are asking for more pay and better working conditions. Do bus drivers need to be paid more? 

- The Government is looking to phase out hard-to-recycle PVC and polystyrene like meat trays, cups and takeaway food containers. How soon do you think this needs to happen?

- SPCAs nationwide are struggling to cope with the influx of neglected and unwanted kittens being dumped on their doors. Should landlords be banned from not allowing pets at rental properties? 

- MP Kris Faafoi apologised to the Prime Minister, acknowledging "messy" interactions with Jason Kerrison over the Opshop singer's stepfather's partnership visa application. As MPs, have you ever been asked for favours or any odd requests in general? 

- What have you got in store for Christmas and the summer break?