Queenstown school drama class connecting with professional theatre company through livestream

Some might argue that theatre is at threat of becoming a dying art form in the 21st century, but a new initiative is underway which proves theatre can align with modern technology.

The Fortune Theatre in Dunedin has been livestreaming rehearsals of their production The Twelfth Night into Wakatipu High School in Queenstown.

"I think we can do some amazing things with technology, and this is really just the beginning, Fortune Theatre's Samantha Colbert said.

The 20 minute sessions are highly interactive and end with a question and answer session so students can engage with the professionals.

"We are very isolated here, we don't get many touring opportunities," Wakatipu drama teacher Kate Moetaue said.

Previously it would have cost hundreds of dollars and a seven hour return trip for Wakatipu High School students to see professional theatrical productions such as the Twelfth Night, but now they are a mere click away.

Ms Moetaue said some students that take drama at school may not really understand the process that does into putting on a performance, the livestream is helping change that.

The initiative is backed by the Chorus Gigcity Community Fund.

It's a livestream from the Fortune Theatre beaming into schools around Otago. Source: 1 NEWS