A quarter of Waikato's traffic tickets 'have no relevance to safety,' says senior police officer

Waikato Police have dropped measuring their officers' performance on how many traffic tickets they give to motorists, after a road policing manager said a quarter of all infringement notices dished out in the region "have no relevance to safety".

Waikato Road Policing Manager Inspector Marcus Lynam has instead told Fairfax Media he wants his staff to emphasise better outcomes which will improve road safety.

"We issue tickets, they can't pay the fines, they end up in court, so we are part of that problem.

"I'm in this job for the next two years and in the next two years, I will not have any performance measures on the numbers of tickets for any staff because it is a barrier to what we want to achieve," Mr Lynam said.

Speaking at a Waikato Regional Council transport committee meeting on Monday, Mr Lynam spoke about how police need to change their methods in order to achieve better road safety results.

"Do we want a whole lot of figures and not very good outcomes, or do we want fewer figures and better outcomes?"

In a statement, National Manager Road Policing Superintendent Steve Greally said infringement notices are a good tool to measure activity, but agreed with the approach taken by Waikato Police.

"It makes no sense at all to appraise an officer's performance based on the number of infringements issued and we support Inspector Lynam's approach."

Source: 1 NEWS