Q+A investigates: Is over-tourism in Aotearoa causing locals to be 'crowded out?'

Over-tourism is an issue plaguing parts of New Zealand, with members of the industry worried it will worsen. 

The number of low-budget travellers has almost doubled in the last four years in New Zealand, echoing the tourism boom around the world. 

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub told TVNZ1's Q+A over-tourism can cause locals to be "crowded out". 

"They seemingly become extras in a theme park, and it's really difficult... it's gone from a life-giving force from an economic perspective, to becoming a predator," he said. 

Mr Eaqub said leadership was needed from the industry and from Government. 

"That is what we're waiting for."

Tourism NZ chief executive Stephen England-Hall doesn't think the country suffers from over-tourism. 

However, New Zealand is beginning to get a reputation for having crowded hot-spots. 

Peter Wilson from Federated Mountain Climbers said every industry has its "natural limits". 

"I think it shows that tourism in New Zealand has reached its natural limits," he said. 

Some residents have taken up vigilante actions, however Tourism NZ predicts this summer will be an improvement. 

The Government have invested $8.5 million into responsible camping, an infrastructure fund and the implementation of an in flight video urging tourists to respect New Zealand's environment. 

Watch TVNZ1's Q+A investigation on the issue: 

Reporter Whena Owen looks into the impact of ‘over-tourism’ on New Zealand.

Reporter Whena Owen looks into the impact of ‘over-tourism’ on New Zealand.