Purr-petrator caught ransacking Gisborne resident's clothes dryer

A cat has been caught in the middle of the purr-fect crime after it was filmed ransacking a Gisborne house owner's clothes dryer.

The purr-petrator was caught returning to the scene of the crime overnight on Tuesday. Source: Facebook / Eastern District Police

The fluffy four-legged offender was captured on a motion-activated camera set up by police overnight on Tuesday, January 29, as they returned to the scene of the crime, Eastern District Police said on their Facebook page this afternoon.

The feline, described as "small, with ginger hair", used "a specific modus operandi of grabbing clothing in their mouth before sneaking off into the night".

Stolen items included underwear, socks and even tops, police said.

While the cat is now out of the bag for the purr-petrator, Eastern District "claw enforcement" officers are still working on establishing a motive.

However, police say it's possible the stolen items were being used for a cosy catnap.

Police would like to remind members of the public to remember to report any offence, and to "keep an eye out for any unusual items your feline friends bring home".