Puppy stolen from outside Christchurch dairy returned home

After being snatched from outside a Christchurch Central dairy, Billy the 14-week-old puppy has been returned. 

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier had been tied up outside the Bealey Fresh Dairy last Tuesday afternoon while his 14-year-old owner had popped inside the shop. 

CCTV footage released by police allegedly show Billy being grabbed by a man who had then taken him across the road and left the scene in a silver SUV.

According to Billy's owners, the man in the footage was able to be identified online, allowing for police to promptly track him down. 

"This was a very tough way to have learned to not leave our dog alone, even for a minute.," one of his owners James Lunday shared on social media.

"After seeing similar posts of dogs stolen/missing in Christchurch it seems to be occurring a lot.

"So please be careful not to make the same mistake."

He also took time to thank police and the wider Christchurch community for their support adding that without their help, the chances of having Billy return would have been slim.