Puhoi Pub renames its under-fire bullock horns after racism outcry

Puhoi Pub has relented and changed the name of its bullock horns that were initially emblazoned with a racial slur.

The bullock horns at Puhoi Pub before and after being repainted. Source: 1 NEWS / Puhoi Pub

The pub's bullock horns were initially displayed on the wall on a black painted bull's head, with the word "n*****" painted across it.

It sparked public outcry and calls for the racially charged display to be removed.

Initially the display was removed amid heightened racial awareness during the Black Lives Matter protests, but the owner later restored them.

"We thought, 'Oh, this is just wrong because it was on the news.' But then when I found out about the history of it, I put it back up. And I’m not taking it down again," pub owner Bernie McCallion told 1 NEWS last week.

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Staff at the Puhoi Pub say it’s been on display for as long as they can remember. Source: 1 NEWS

However, now the publican seems to have relented.

On its Facebook page this morning, Puhoi Pub showed a photo of the bullock's horns after they'd been repainted to remove the racial slur.

The horns now read "Snigger", with a piece of paper explaining the dictionary definition of the word.

It also appears to have removed a framed sign highlighting New Zealand's intoxication laws and replaced it with a sign reading: "No stupid people beyond this point".

The controversial bullock horns at Puhoi Pub now read "Snigger", along with a sign reading "no stupid people beyond this point" placed above the exit. Source: Puhoi Pub

The sign is placed above the building's exit.

McCallion said the horns were named for one of the bullocks that used to pull kauri logs in the area in the 1930s.

In a post aiming to explain the history of the horns, the pub also shared a photo of a white couple posing in front of the controversial ornament for their wedding photos.

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Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon was among those calling for the pub to remove the slur.

"The n-word is related to slavery. It’s degrading, it’s derogatory and it’s racist. I urge the owner to reconsider," he said.

The racial slur is seen as the second-most offensive word in New Zealand, according to research by the Broadcasting Standard Authority.