Public get closest look at Christ Church Cathedral since devastating earthquakes

People with a passion for the Christ Church Cathedral got to go beyond the fences today, the closest the public has been allowed since the earthquakes.

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Plans are still being drafted for the rebuild of the historic landmark. Source: 1 NEWS

Plans are still being drafted for the rebuild of the cathedral, but today's visit attracted those who worked inside its walls for decades.

Today, Michael Beaven the Cathedral's former chief guide got the closest he's been in nine years.

"Tragic to see what’s happened of course, tragic but it'll come right somebody'll help us," said Mr Beaven.

The tour was an emotional experience for those who used to worship at the cathedral.

"When I first got in closer, I felt very emotional, but I think I'm alright now, it's very sad but it's so good it’s going to be restored," said Christchurch resident, Veronica Shepherd.

The cathedral's walls have been waterproofed to protect them from further damage while engineers’ plans are completed.

The project is going well according to senior project manager Tim Anthon.

"I know people are going to go 'ohh what do you mean by tha't when you look at the building but there is so much we have to do in the background.

Next April work will begin to make the building safe enough for workers to go inside.

The cathedral’s reinstatement project is running three tours this week.

The project is set to run for another seven to 10 years.