Proposal to legalise the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes announced

The Government's announced plans to legalise the sale of nicotine electronic cigarettes.

The Government wants to clarify the law surrounding electronic cigarettes, Peseta Sam Lotu-liga says. Source: 1 NEWS

The Ministry of Health has released a consultation paper, seeking feedback on the way the products should be sold.

Currently e-cigarette devices and non-nicotine liquids can be sold in New Zealand but nicotine liquids, which are preferred by most users, cannot.

The Ministry says the health risks of long-term use of nicotine e-cigarettes is unknown.

The Government released a consultation paper and proposes they should be regulated like tabacco products. Source: 1 NEWS

However, there's general scientific consensus that the practice, known as vaping, is significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Under the proposed changes, e-cigarettes would be regulated in the same way as tobacco products.

For example, they could not be sold to people under 18 years of age and advertising would prohibited.

The Ministry wants feedback on other proposed controls, including whether the concentration and purity of products should be regulated.

Consultation closes on September 12.