Prominent NZ university joins the race to create affordable and easily accessible medicinal cannabis

In a New Zealand first, the Auckland University of Technology has signed an agreement with a medicinal cannabis company to research the development of products.

A Ministry of Health survey from 2015 found that 400,000 New Zealanders used cannabis and 42 per cent of them used cannabis medicinally.

PharmaCann CEO Chris Fowlie is excited about the project.

"We are on the cusp of something truly amazing, and it's been a long time coming," Mr Fowlie said.

They're hoping to make cannabis medicine that is affordable for the Kiwi public.

Mr Fowlie wants to take medicine that would cost someone $5000 a month down to only $50 a month.

The Ministry of Health says changes brought in by new legislation on medicinal cannabis will likely take effect in 2019.

The initiative is thought to be a New Zealand first. Source: Seven Sharp