Prominent National MPs in the firing line as support for party plummets in new 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll

The latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll is also raising questions over the future of others inside the National Party.

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Experts say the poor poll result could spell danger for list MPs and those who won seats by narrow margins. Source: 1 NEWS

In the poll released tonight, National plummeted 17 percentage points to 29 per cent while Labour jumped up 18 percentage points to 59 per cent.

With Labour riding the crest of a political wave, experts say that could spell danger for not only list MPs but also National MPs who won seats by narrow margins in the last election.

"If National were to go in at their current polling levels to the election, they would be wiped out," political commentator Ben Thomas says.

National MPs have called back to Wellington, their party in turmoil ahead of an emergency caucus meeting to vote on the party's leadership.

Results like tonight's can lead to MPs "fighting for survival", according to political commentator Neale Jones.

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"They start thinking, 'Is Simon Bridges going to lead us to a historic defeat?'"

If National can't reverse the slump, new careers could be on the cards for many of their MPs this September.

Those who won their seats narrowly last time around will likely be looking over their shoulder.

"If I was Chris Bishop in Hutt South, or Nick Smith in Nelson, or Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central, I'd be very worried about losing my seat," Mr Jones says.

When it comes to their mullet-sporting MP from the Hutt, the public didn't have a bad word to say today. 

Locals rated him highly while speaking to 1 NEWS, praising him as a "good person" and a "really good community man".

But when it comes to Simon Bridges, things aren't nearly as positive.

One person's response was to simply say "bye bye to that, Bridges", while another said the Opposition leader "has been somewhat inept" and another, that he's "done his best".

"Simon Bridges is a good politician, I don't necessarily think he's a great leader of the National Party," one person said.

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Jacinda Ardern soared in the preferred Prime Minister stakes. Source: 1 NEWS

Outside Ms Kaye's Auckland Central office, feedback was harsher for Mr Bridges.

The party was criticised as being in "a bit of a shambles".

"I don't think Simon Bridges is the one for National," one person said, while another said: "They need to get their act together and get some strong leadership in place."

So can National bounce back with Simon Bridges in charge? 

"There's an old saying when leaders aren't connecting with the public that the phone is off the hook," Mr Thomas says.

"With Simon Bridges, it seems as if the electorate has stolen the phone and thrown it in a river."

Deputy leader Paula Bennett told TVNZ 1's Breakfast this morning she's confident she'll hold on to her position.

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"By Friday afternoon we'll be back on track - hitting it out there and I know we'll be doing it as a team," she says.

Todd Muller has thrown his hat in the ring and 1 NEWS understands he wants Nikki Kaye as his deputy.

But today Ms Kaye, like most of the party's politicians, was staying mum.

"I have huge respect for my colleagues and we'll work that through in the caucus room," she says.