Professor who uncovered extent of Chinese political influence in NZ says her car was 'interfered with'

A prominent New Zealand expert on Chinese politics says her garage was broken into and her car was sabotaged, putting her family’s lives at risk.

University of Canterbury professor Anne-Marie Brady said in a series of tweets on Friday morning the break-in happened yesterday, and two tyres on her car had been "interfered with".

The professor's work uncovering the extent of Chinese political influence in New Zealand over the past 18 months has received international attention.

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Earlier this year, her house and campus office were broken into and an old laptop was taken, while valuables were left untouched.

Ms Brady said today it was by chance she took her car into the mechanic to get a warrant.

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John Campbell looks at donations to our political parties that could be linked to the Chinese Communist Party. Source: 1 NEWS

She said he noticed it straight away and called her "very alarmed”.

"[He] said it could only be sabotage, that there is no other explanation," Ms Brady said in a tweet.

"It was not noticeable when we drove the car, but if we braked suddenly the car would have lost control.‏"

She said she seldom drove the car but her husband and three children used it every day.

"Whoever did this doesn't care about human life and thinks there is no consequences for doing in New Zealand. Police are now investigating."

It’s been reported the police’s national security intelligence team will soon be inspecting the car which is at the mechanic.

1 NEWS visited A1 Auto 4 Service on Fitzgerald Ave this morning and it appeared to be closed.

Police were yet to respond to requests for comment.

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Corin Dann interviews China expert Professor Anne-Marie Brady on foreign influence in our political process. Source: Q+A