Pro sailor and Truman Show Delusion sufferer speaks out about 'stigma and shame' surrounding mental illness

Kevin Hall's a professional sailor, he sailed for Team New Zealand, but there's something they never knew about him for the years he was part of their America's Cup campaign.

Kevin had a secret. For over two decades he has battled manic depression and suicidal thoughts. At times, he says he hears voices in his head, to the point where he calls himself "a freak".

Originally from California, Hall settled in Auckland with his family. He's decided to speak out in a bid to help bring an end to what he calls "the stigma and shame" that surrounds mental illness.

He personally suffers a rare psychosis, called the Truman Show Delusion, which means when he is manic he thinks he is in a movie, and is directed by voices in his head. This has led to dramatic, and sometimes dangerous episodes in his life.

He's speaking out bravely, and appealing for greater understanding for World Suicide Prevention Day today.

His aim, he says, is "if a few people hear my story, I think it might help them know that nobody is actually alone. We all have big challenges".

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Former Team NZ sailor Kevin Hall opens up on the mental health condition which leaves him thinking his whole life is a movie. Source: Sunday

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