Privacy Commissioner throws weight behind warnings that public surveillance lacks guidelines

The Privacy Commissioner is throwing his weight behind warnings that mass public surveillance lacks guidelines and could become too powerful.

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What happens to the surveillance information recorded in cities is causing concern. Source: 1 NEWS

Victoria University has released a study into facial recognition technology - saying the Government needs to plug the regulation gap, as it continues to advance rapidly.

“It can be deployed relatively easily and cheaply but not necessarily with due diligence and checking as to its accuracy as to its fitness for purpose,” Privacy Commissioner John Edwards said.

Police already use facial recognition - and support calls for a public debate.

“We think that there needs to be transparency around what we are doing which is why one of our plans is to produce a regular report which explains more fully what we are doing with this new technology,” police’s deputy chief executive of insights and deployment Mark Evans said.

Some of the report's 15 recommendations to manage potential future risk include:

Appointing a commissioner.

More transparency.

More control over the use of personal information and oversight of the police image database.