Prisoners set for release after landmark Supreme Court ruling



One News

Twenty-one prisoners are set to be released as early as tomorrow following a Supreme Court decision that the Corrections Department has wrongly calculated parole and release dates.

The  court has unanimously held that the Parole Act has been misinterpreted and as a consequence, in some instances parole and release dates have been calculated on an inappropriate basis.

Source: ONE News

It said under that Act periods of detention before a person is sentenced to imprisonment are treated as time served for the purposes of calculating parole and release dates.

Corrections Deputy National Commissioner Rachel Leota says it has received the Supreme Court's decision which was made in the case of an appeal by Michael Marino and is working through the implications.

"There are 21 prisoners that are readily identifiable to Corrections as being immediately affected by the decision. Once their records are validated, they will be released as early as tomorrow," she said.

The department has been prepared for this eventuality and their potential release, Ms Leota said.

The appeal concerned how the Department of Corrections has been factoring in the time already spent in detention when calculating  parole and release dates. 

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