Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern buys groceries for family after mother forgets wallet

The Prime Minister paid for groceries for a mother and her children after the woman forgot her wallet. 

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Jacinda Ardern offered to pay after the woman forgot her wallet. Source: 1 NEWS

Jacinda Ardern was asked for confirmation during a press conference in Hamilton today.

Ms Ardern said "yes" when asked if it was true. 

She said the reasoning behind the gesture was because the woman "was a mum". 

During the press conference Ms Ardern also touched on the gun law reform taking place.

"The principle of this legislation is very straightforward," she said after questioning about concerns the law changes were being rushed. 

"What I've heard is an overwhelming consensus for the principle of this legislation, which is to permanently ban military style assault weapons and rifles."

"Given there is such support for that we are moving quickly to remove them," she said.