'Pretty annoying' - BNZ customers angry as cards, ATMs and Eftpos machines stop working after major outage

Bank of New Zealand customers say a lack of communication has left them annoyed after an outage affected all of the bank's electronic services.

BNZ's Eftpos machines, cards, and ATMs are working again after a system outage this morning.

The outage also affected its parent company, National Australia Bank.

Retailers using BNZ eftpos terminals should be able to use them again, as well as people with BNZ eftpos cards, a BNZ spokesperson said.

Earlier, BNZ posted a message on Twitter and Facebook apologising for the inconvenience.

A statement was also issued from BNZ assuring customers things were being fixed:

"BNZ Cards and ATMs are now working as they should, and our other systems, including systems in our branch network, internet banking and mobile banking are following suit. BNZ apologises to all of its customers who were affected and inconvenienced this, we appreciate the patience and understanding shown as we worked toward a resolution."

But customers responded to the post saying that they were annoyed that it took so long to receive any communication.

One person on Facebook wrote: "When you found out about this problem why don't you text all of your customers?"

Another wrote: "Pretty annoying when you go and pay and it comes back as declined when you know full well you have enough money in the account."


A weekend to catch up on TV as weather deteriorates across the country

A strong wind watch has been issued for several regions across the country along with a severe weather watch for the eastern coastal areas today.

A cold front, followed by cold gale southerlies, is forecast to move up the country during tomorrow through to Monday.

MetService say the severe weather watch is for the possibility that southerly gales may become severe in exposed coastal areas at times from Banks Peninsula to East Cape.

A strong wind watch continues for the Hawke's Bay, Gisborne, Malborough, Wellington and Wairarapa tomorrow and Monday.

Southerly winds may also approach severe gale at times in Canterbury from Banks Peninsula northwards from 11am Sunday to 8am Monday.

People in these areas, are advised to keep up to date with the latest forecasts in case any areas in this watch need upgrading to a full warning.

TVNZ weather presenter Renee Wright has the latest weekend weather forecast. Source: 1 NEWS


Traditional Kiwi DIY ability could be in jeopardy if Seven Sharp test of millennials is anything to go by

DIY is supposed to be in our Kiwi DNA, but we might be in danger of losing those famous, ingenious "number 8 fencing wire" skills if a test by Seven Sharp is anything to go by.

The programme asked, do young people even know what number eight wire is, let alone number seven, six or the often forgotten number five?

The show gave a group of TVNZ  '20-somethings' some practical tasks, like changing a tyre.

The judge was Ross, a retiree who spends most of his free time tinkering with tools. 

And the results were conclusive - the millennials were woefully incompetent.

The judge, though is remaining optimistic. 

"Yeap, they've failed here, but with a bit of experience they will do it," Ross said. 

To see how the young millennials did in their hand-on tasks, watch the video above.

There are fears New Zealand is losing the number 8 wire mentality. Source: Seven Sharp