Be prepared for 'strong winds, very heavy rain' on Monday as chance of Cylone Hola hitting the North Island looms

Be prepared for "strong winds and very heavy rain" on Monday if Cylone Hola hits the North Island.

That's the advice from TVNZ meteorologist Dan Corbett, who says "one of the scenarios" for the cyclone is that it will hit the far north of Northland late Monday.

Hola, currently a category three cyclone is "brewing to the north" of New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean, Corbett says.

"It still could skip its way to the east but in any event it will be a spell of some very strong winds and very heavy rain going into the later parts of Monday whether it tracks east or perhaps just comes straight through," he says.

"You want to be aware of it, you want to keep an eye on the track over the weekend as well."

Meteorologist Georgina Griffiths says Monday is "D-Day" for areas like Northland, Coromandel and Gisborne. Source: Breakfast

Earlier today MetService meteorologist Georgina Griffiths told TVNZ1's Breakfast: "If I were living in Northland Coromandel or Gisborne I'd really be keeping up with that forecast for Monday, which is D Day."

TVNZ weather presenter Dan Corbett with the latest update. Source: 1 NEWS