Praise for Warehouse website's confidential button as stalking now rampant in abusive relationships

Seven Sharp presenter Toni Street says clicking on a button on The Warehouse website could be the very first step in getting a new life for a woman in an abusive relationship.

Toni Street has praised the retail giant for its partnership with Women’s Refuge. Source: Seven Sharp

Street has praised the company's latest charity scheme which has seen it partner with Women's Refuge to create a small button at the bottom of The Warehouse website where women in an abusive relationship can get help confidentially.

The portal they go through is untraceable and while Street says it is sad that such a thing is necessary stalking and tracking is now rampant in these types of relationships.

"The sad part of this is that the controlling behaviour of these abusers has now moved online, that's why this is so needed," says Street.

Untraceable website

Clicking on the button doesn't mean a woman is definitely ready to leave but Street says it's a positive, confidential first step.

Paul Walsh, The Warehouse, Executive General Manager - Community & Environment said the Shielded site, along with The Warehouse's Violence is Not Ok policy for team members, illustrate how the partnership has evolved to respond to a social need.

Women's Refuge says the partnership goes well beyond simply fundraising opportunities.