Potentially damaging Queensland fruit fly found on Auckland's North Shore

A single male Queensland fruit fly has been caught in a trap on Auckland's North Shore prompting an investigation by Biosecurity New Zealand.

The fly was identified as a Queensland fruit fly yesterday afternoon and additional traps have now been set in the Devonport area to ensure there are no more present in the area.

According to Biosecurity New Zealand spokesperson Dr Catherine Duthie the find doesn't mean there is an outbreak of fruit fly in the country.

"The Queensland fruit fly has been detected six times before in northern New Zealand – in Whangārei and in Auckland. Of these detections, only one, in Auckland in 2015, turned out to be a part of a wider breeding population and this was successfully eradicated by Biosecurity New Zealand.

"Biosecurity New Zealand is investigating a find of a single male Queensland fruit fly in a surveillance trap in the Auckland suburb of Devonport," she said.

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    A single male has been caught in a trap on Auckland’s North Shore. Source: 1 NEWS

    The invasive fruit fly could be damaging to the horticulture industry here if it takes hold.

    "It is vital to find out if this insect is a solitary find or if there is a wider population in Auckland that will need to be destroyed.

    "If it established here, the Queensland fruit fly could have serious consequences for New Zealand’s horticultural industry. It can damage a wide range of fruit and vegetables and could lead to restrictions on trade in some of our horticultural exports," Ms Duthie says.

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      Devonport residents were among those who received pamphlets today asking them to be on the lookout. Source: 1 NEWS

      According to Biosecurity New Zealand, restrictions will be put in place on the movement of fruit and vegetables out of the area. 

      A brochure with information about the fruit fly and controls will go to homes in the Devonport area later today.

      The most likely way that fruit flies can arrive in New Zealand is in fresh fruit and vegetables. 

      A Queensland fruit fly specimen
      A Queensland fruit fly specimen. Source: 1 NEWS