Postal Workers Union alleges NZ Post is making secret audio recordings of posties and the public




The New Zealand Postal Workers Union claims New Zealand Post has been making secret audio recordings of Kiwi posties in a serious breach of privacy.

Some welcome news for those sick of receiving call cards for parcels the postie can’t deliver.
Source: 1 NEWS

A statement released by the union today alleges NZ Post has been making continuous audio recordings of posties while they're out driving their new postal delivery vehicles.

The vehicles at the heart of the claim are a fleet of Norwegian made Paxster four-wheel electric vehicles, which are currently being rolled out around the country.

Mounted onto the vehicles is a camera which NZ Post says are used for posties safety and to record potential accidents making it easier to investigate what happened.

However, the Postal Workers Union alleges the camera has also been recording audio, unbeknownst to many posties. 

They also claim the audio recordings include conversations between the posties and members of the public who they deliver to on their rounds.

A spokesperson for NZ Post told 1 NEWS: "We take the safety and privacy of our staff and members of the public very seriously.

"The Paxster recording devices are there for health and safety reasons, to help NZ Post understand what has happened in the case of an incident."

"These recordings are wiped from the Paxsters after 1 - 2 days, and copies are not kept."

NZ Post also say they are in contact with the union and the Privacy Commissioner over the issue.

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