Popular game Minecraft teaching Kiwi children earthquake preparedness

It's estimated nearly half of Kiwi kids play it, and now the popular game Minecraft is teaching children how to be prepared in an earthquake.

Players can trigger earthquakes and watch objects smash or survive depending on their quake-proofing skills.

The world known as ShakerMod has been built within Minecraft, which is played by millions of gamers worldwide.

The game was paid for by the Earthquake Commission and Te Papa.

"The earlier that we reach our families with messages around how to manage risk, generally the better off we can be," says Earthquake Commission's Hugh Cowan.

It took nine months to develop and was launched in Te Papa yesterday, but the game can be played anywhere, including at home and in schools.

"We wanted to do something that lots of people could access – in their pyjamas even if they like," says Te Papa's Miri Young.

People who have Minecraft and want to play ShakerMod can download it from this link:

It took nine months to develop and is now place at Te Papa in Wellington. Source: 1 NEWS