Ponsonby is 'full of dicks, suits, and sleazes' - bar owner notices clientele change

The owner of an Auckland bar and nightclub says the patronage at late night parties in upmarket Ponsonby is now "full of dicks, suits, and sleazes".

Golden Dawn owner Matthew Crawley, who established the popular bar five years ago, said his friends have told him the clientele of the "sleepy suburb" has drastically changed for the worse.

Matthew Crawley. Via: Facebook. Source: Supplied

"We built it for Auckland to come get weird, to have fun, drink interesting things you wouldn't find anywhere else, eat yum stuff, see and hear music you might otherwise not, and to hide out from the boring and scary people of the city," he posted on Facebook.

"Over the past few years, Ponsonby has seen a ton of drastic changes in its purpose, and patronage. We are well aware of this, more so than anyone else. Late nights in Ponsonby are - just as often as not - quite gross," he added.

"And the number one complaint I hear about my little tavern, the thing I pour my almost everything into, is that it's full of dicks, suits, and sleazes later at night."

Mr Crawley told ONE News this afternoon that the post was initially meant for just his Facebook followers, but had "got a bit out of control".

Golden Dawn owner Matthew Crawley's Facebook post. Source: Supplied

"It's not that I'm trying to personally change the type of people who are coming into Ponsonby ... it is more just that's what people have said to me."

He finished the post by asking his patrons, "what do you reckon needs to be done?"

"Would you hire a 'hip young crowd picker' who stands out in the queue deciding who's ok and who's not?

"I think that would be really kind of elitist and horrible. We think our strength lies in being all things for almost all people. Would you close the doors earlier and have a lock in for all the friends and familiars after midnight? Would you make the music even weirder? Would you screen creepy psychedelic erotic horror on the walls?"

More than 200 people have since offered their opinions to Mr Crawley's questions, many asking for the bar to become a members only venue.