Political Showdown: Should fruit and veg be GST exempt? Was Air NZ's Antarctica ad offensive? Nikki Kaye & Michael Wood debate

Political Showdown puts politicians from different sides of the House together, getting them to test each other on the big questions of the week.

The MPs battle out the biggest topics from this week.

This week, National's Nikki Kaye of Auckland Central went up against Labour's Michael Wood of Mount Roskill. 

Questions asked this week:

The ex-politicians debate the merits of removing GST from fruit and vegetables to make them more accessible. Source: Breakfast

Should fruit and vegetables be GST exempt?

Greens MP Julie Anne Genter says the Government plans to present new equal pay legislation by June or July this year. Source: Breakfast

Principals across New Zealand are complaining of severe teacher shortages. What's a solution?

The government will introduce pay equity legislation, Nikki from your perspective is this a step in the right direction or not?

The clip is set in Antarctica, which some Erebus family members say is disrespectful. Source: 1 NEWS

Was Air New Zealand's Antarctica advert offensive, given their history in Antarctica?

What do you think about the controversial Australian 60 Minutes interview?

Do you personally agree with fluoride in New Zealand drinking water?

Prisoners don't have the right to vote, should they?

The ACT Party MP's euthanasia bill has gone further than similar legislation in NZ history, but it is not law yet. Source: Breakfast

Why did you support the [first reading of the] voluntary euthanasia bill?

Everything is covered from the MP’s view on compulsory Te Reo Maori, if 16-year-olds should vote, and if they’d every go on Dancing with the Stars. Source: 1 NEWS

1 NEWS NOW's Anna Whyte also sat down with the MPs to ask quick fire questions ranging from their thoughts on Pakeha being included in the Census, if Te Reo Maori should be compulsory in schools, and if they would ever consider being on Dancing with the Stars. 

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The MPs battle out the biggest topics from this week. Source: 1 NEWS

Political Showdown puts politicians from different sides of the House together, getting them to ask each other the big questions of the week. Source: 1 NEWS

1 NEWS gave the big questions to the politicians to battle it out, and they even found a few things they agreed on! Source: 1 NEWS

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