The political highs and lows of 2018 according to Labour's Kieran McAnulty, National's Chris Bishop

National's Chris Bishop and Labour's Kieran McAnulty reflected on their highs and lows of the political year during TVNZ1 Breakfast's last segment of The Breakfast Club.

Political Low


"The Jami-Lee Ross, I was going to say saga but it's more a debacle. That was not a great time for us."


"This job is pretty demanding and asks a lot of MPs in a personal sense so there's a lot of sacrifices that need to be made at a personal level, be it friends or family or relationships. At times for all of us that gets pretty raw and rough."

Political High


"At the same time, this job is incredibly rewarding and it is a privilege to be part of it. The highlights are when you're back home and someone from the small community of Tuturumuri, which we worked really hard to save their school and we did, came up and gave me a huge hug with tears in her eyes, it just meant that much. Moments like that when you're just doing you're job, and you can make such a big impact to people's lives, makes it all worth it.


I was going to say it was the victory of the Parliamentary cricket team against the diplomats, led by Kieran McAlnauty. To be honest, the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (now CPTPP), really big for New Zealand, National did a lot of work on that in Opposition but Labour's carried it through which is great to see. 

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