Police working on Christchurch terrorist attacks being well-supported, Commissioner assures

Police commissioner Mike Bush says officers from throughout the country who have or are working on the Christchurch terrorist attacks are being well-supported.

The two officers who apprehended the alleged shooter were doing really well, Mr Bush told TVNZ1's Breakfast today. "When you hear that story, it's absolute courage in the face of extreme danger."

Counselling and psychology services are in place for all police staff working on the case.

"At the moment they're great. They're responding as they do when such horrendous events occur," Mr Bush said. "Our people go into absolute operational mode.

"We must ensure that when they come out of the operational mode that we're there to support them ... [it's] really important that we look after our staff in the days and weeks and months after an event like that."

More than 600 officers have gone to Christchurch to assist local police and would continue to do so as required, Mr Bush said.

"It is our job to look after the public so we must also remember what our victims went through and the support going into that is critically important for them."

Police are keeping a strong presence throughout the country, not because there is a specific threat, but because they want to prevent any retaliation or copycat incidents, Mr Bush said.

The high national threat level is expected to stay for days, or weeks, as needed.

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Police commissioner Mike Bush told TVNZ1’s Breakfast counselling and psychology services are in place for police staff. Source: Breakfast