Police watchdog: How cops failed in Roast Busters probe

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has criticised the police in their handling of alleged offending by teenagers who named themselves the Roast Busters.

Police car Source: 1 NEWS

The teens boasted online on a Facebook page titled the Roast Busters about their alleged sexual exploits with drunk and underage females.

No charges were ever laid because investigators believed there was no reasonable chance of a conviction.

The main criticisms revealed today in the IPCA report are:

- Officers should have identified connections between various cases

- There were deficiencies in the investigation practices

- Officers failed to follow up and pursue 'positive lines of enquiry'

- The supervisory oversight of the individual cases was inadequate

- The young men's parents were never made aware of 'several of the incidents'

- The IPCA has called for any audit of the Waitemata Child Protection Unit to determine whether any shortcomings still exist