Police warn against using counterfeit money after fake banknotes found in Wellington

Police are warning people against using counterfeit money after fake $50 and $100 banknotes were presented at a business in Wellington recently.

A counterfeit $50 banknote. Source: Supplied

One person has been charged in Lower Hutt for possessing 14 $100 counterfeit banknotes.

In New Zealand it’s an offence not only to make counterfeit banknotes but to use them or be in possession of them.

Police in Wellington say they’re making inquiries to establish the source of these banknotes.

Police say if anyone tries to pass on counterfeit banknotes they shouldn’t be accepted and to notify police.

If someone has already received a counterfeit banknote, police say to put it in an envelope to avoid handling it further and contact them.

The Reserve Bank website has more on how you can spot whether you have counterfeit money.