Police unveil Maori-themed cop car to show support for Te Reo




In support of Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori the New Zealand Police have unveiled a new patrol car with te reo wording and Maori designs. 

The car will be out and about in Manukau, South Auckland this week in an effort for the police to "show our support of Te Reo Maori and highlight our commitment to recruiting more Maori in Tamaki Makaurau, and across Aotearoa."

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said the police "are passionate about reflecting the communities we serve and working with Iwi to achieve better outcomes for Maori."

Police Commissioner Bush with the new police car.

Police Commissioner Bush with the new police car.

Source: New Zealand Police

"The more we can do to effectively communicate the better, and there are a number of instances where having an officer able to speak te reo and understand tikanga has really been advantageous in resolving situations."

The koru design on the car represents the police objective of achieving better outcomes for Kiwis through working partnerships with Iwi. 

The initiative has been slammed by former National MP Tau Henare who wrote on Twitter that it is "insensitive and moronic" given that over half of the current prison population is Maori.

This year's theme for Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori is Kiar ora Te Reo Maori, which translates to "let the Maori language live".

Several prominent Kiwi businesses have jumped on board including ANZ, who are offering te reo options on ATMs and NZ Rugby who announced Clayton McMillan as the new Maori All Blacks coach in a press release entirely in te reo.

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