Police Taser man after tourist's vehicle carjacked during dangerous Canterbury police pursuit

A man has been charged after leading police on a chase through Canterbury yesterday afternoon in which he threatened a tourist and stole their rental vehicle.

The 29-year-old man will appear in court on Monday facing charges including aggravated robbery, assault with a weapon and driving charges.

At about 4.20pm yesterday police received reports of a man driving dangerously in the Waikari area on State Highway 7.

Police say numerous motorists called them about the man's driving, which included passing on blind corners, passing on double-yellow lines speeding and tail-gaiting.

The vehicle was located and police signalled him to stop but he failed to do so. The driver then led police along State Highway Seven and onto State Highway One for 26 minutes.

Police say the driver was spiked near the Waipara township and the tyres deflated however he continued to drive for a further eight kilometres south on State Highway One.

He then came to a stop near the Amberley township before getting out of his vehicle with a baseball bat, threatening a parked motorist - a tourist to New Zealand, and stealing his rental vehicle.

He then drove the stolen rental vehicle away again from police. This stolen car was later spiked in Tulls Road.

He continued to drive for a further 11 kms before finally stopping at Revells Road, Tuahiwi.

Police say for a second time, the driver got out of the car, brandishing the baseball bat, and threatened police. The man was Tasered and subdued by a police dog.

The man received medical treatment after being arrested. 

Police car generic.
Police car generic. Source: 1 NEWS