Police Superintendent defends southern cops after harassment conviction and brutality accusation

A Police Superintendent has been forced to defend southern police after two concerning cases tarnished their image.

One officer has been convicted of harassing and threatening a member of the public and another is being investigated over assault allegations on a female over the weekend.

Southern Police Area Commander Superintendent Paul Basham says southern police should be judged on the good work they do around the community.

"We take our image and our trust and confidence in the New Zealand police very seriously, nobody’s more concerned about that headline or the reporting or the facts around that case than we are," Mr Basham said.

The conviction in the harassment case started over a petty parking dispute between Dunedin Policeman, Constable Jeremy Buis and the eventual victim Dan Pryde.

"It was pretty scary, I ended up having to watch over my back everywhere I went," Mr Pyde told 1 NEWS.

"The scariest thing was receiving the threat that I needed to get some bulletproof clothing and get my life insurance sorted for me it felt like it had taken a real turn," he said.

Constable Buis was convicted in April and sentenced to do 200 hours community work. He remains on the police payroll despite being stood down for around two years.

The latest concerning incident comes after an Otago officer was alleged to have smashed a woman’s face against a car bonnet before dragging her down a driveway at a party this weekend.

Even though he was the victim of police harassment, Mr Pryde still has a positive view on the New Zealand Police force saying:

"In my opinion one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch and I think this guy is one bad apple in the police force."