Police who shot dead man during Tauranga hostage stand-off receive backing - 'They had to make that call'

Police who shot and killed a man after a 15-hour hostage standoff in Tauranga yesterday are being backed for their lethal intervention.

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An expert told 1 NEWS the safety of the young children held captive was paramount. Source: 1 NEWS

Two children were being held by the man - armed with a machete - in the suburb in Bellevue.

In a statement, police told 1 NEWS only one bullet was fired, and the other loud bangs came from distraction devices.

"They would have done their threat assessment at the time they obviously thought the child was in danger and obviously they had to make that call at the time," Craig Tickelpenny of the Police Association said.

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Family also gathered at the address where a 14-hour standoff and hostage incident took place yesterday. Source: 1 NEWS

A former police negotiator also agrees with police actions, saying time was running out.

"The longer a situation goes on for, the greater the chance of it not going well, people get tired adrenaline's been running through their system," Lance Burdett told 1 NEWS.

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A man was shot dead by police after a 14-hour standoff in which he held children hostage. Source: Supplied

Both children were taken to hospital but released last night, unharmed, but likely traumatised.

The officers involved have been stood down for 10 days, and face four separate investigations into whether their action was appropriate.